Modifications and Child Support Attorney


If circumstances have changed after your divorce or separation, and you find yourself needing to modify an existing order regarding custody, child support or medical support, or a visitation order, the team at Gaydos Duffer understands how to guide you through every step of the process. If both parties can agree on the modifying an existing order, then the process is quite simple. However, if the parties disagree regarding the modification, then you would be best served hiring a skilled attorney. Gaydos Duffer not only understands how to best advocate for you, but also has an extensive background on navigating through the intricacies of presenting evidence in a courtroom that is appropriate and in the best interest of your child.
We encourage you to contact our legal team to schedule a consultation to explore your options and to obtain legal advice on your next steps.

Child and Medical Support

Gaydos Duffer understands the importance of securing your child’s future by ensuring that child and medical support obligations are being met and that child and medical support is properly calculated. Under Texas laws, child support is determined by figuring the number of children in need of support, the average net monthly resources of the parent obligated to pay support, and applying the State’s guidelines that require that parent to pay a certain percentage of his or her average net monthly resources. If the noncustodial parent is not meeting his or her obligations, and you are unsure on the best way to proceed, Gaydos Duffer can help.

If you are the noncustodial parent and have questions regarding your rights and obligations based on a change in circumstances, the team at Gaydos Duffer can answer your questions and determine the best approach to effectively present your case to the court.

Whether you are a parent seeking child support or one defending against an enforcement action, Gaydos Duffer has a team of knowledgeable and skilled attorneys to advise you on your next steps.