Assisted Reproduction & Surrogacy Lawyers

Our team understands that creating your family through assisted reproduction is exciting but can be emotional and challenging at the same time. We understand that there are many moving parts in this journey, all of which are time sensitive and play a critical part in the overall outcome. Gaydos Duffer has the expertise and knowledge to represent you whether as an Intended Parent(s), Surrogate/Gestational Carrier, or Donor. Gaydos Duffer has represented 100s of families throughout the years both domestically and those residing abroad.

For the Intended Parent(s), Gaydos Duffer can:

  • Draft and negotiate a surrogacy agreement (traditional or gestational surrogacy)
  • Validate a Gestational Agreement (Intended Parents must be married)
  • Review and negotiate a Surrogacy Agreement prepared by other counsel
  • Offer Surrogate Advice (may include helping Intended Parents find an agency to work with and represent Intended Parents throughout the process)
  • Termination of Parental Rights/Step-Parent Adoption (traditional surrogacy)
  • Enforcement of rights under a Surrogacy Agreement
  • Review agency documents

For Surrogates, Gaydos Duffer can:

  • Review and negotiate a Surrogate Agreement
  • Draft notice of termination of surrogacy arrangement
  • Represent to enforce rights under a Surrogacy Agreement
  • Review agency documents

For Egg and Embryo Donation, Gaydos Duffer Can:

  • Review and negotiate a Donation Contract
  • Identify or locate an agency
  • Review agency documents

Gaydos Duffer has represented 100s of Donors in Texas and nationwide in reviewing and/or negotiating their egg or embryo donor contract.

Mediation for Assisted Reproduction
Gaydos Duffer, P.C. is proud to be one of a few local firms that have experience in mediating cases involving assisted reproduction issues. If you are involved in an assisted reproduction that has not gone as planned, please contact our office to determine if your case is eligible for mediation.