Family Law Mediators

Litigation can be very expensive and emotionally taxing. By the time the parties reach a trial, they have usually spent a large amount of money and are emotionally exhausted. Most courts will require the parties to attempt to resolve their disputes through mediation before a trial takes place. In collaborative law matters, the parties agree to give serious consideration to mediation before terminating the collaborative law process if they hit a road block. Also, most assisted reproductive technology contracts require the parties to attempt to mediate any disputes they have prior to filing suit.

Mediation is a process where a neutral third party mediator attempts to facilitate settlement discussions between the parties. A mediator cannot impose a settlement on the parties. Because there is no guarantee about what might or might not happen in court, many parties prefer to have some control over the outcome of their case and mediation is a great option for providing that control, while also saving the expense and emotional damage that a trial may cause. Lauren Duffer is a certified mediator with a focus on family mediation, including collaborative law matters, assisted reproductive technology matters, divorce, enforcement, paternity, child support and modifications. Contact Gaydos Duffer to discuss scheduling a mediation to resolve your family law matter.

$350 per party for half day
$700 per party for full day

$250 per party for half day
$500 per party for full day